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December Article Roundup

408307_237083763083686_1240030741_nThis month’s most popular and interesting articles covered some very important topics ranging from employment law and worker’s rights to the state of the ‘American Worker.’ More expansively, we also explored the stagnancy of international wages, and urge you to take a look at a short video that illustrates the most up to date statistics on the matter courtesy of the International Labour Organization. Check back to our blog soon for more of the top articles and information in employment law.


The Devalued American Worker

From the Washington Post:

Midway through the last game of the 2013 Carolina League season, after he’d swept peanut shells and mopped soda off the concourse, Ed Green lumbered upstairs to the box seats to dump the garbage.

Green was already 12 hours into his workday. He rose at dawn to lay tar on the highway. As the sun sank, he switched uniforms and drove to BB&T Ballpark, where he runs the custodial crew for a minor-league baseball team. Now it was dark and his radio was crackling. It was his boss, asking him to head back downstairs. Green walked onto the first-base line and into a surprise. In front of 6,000 fans, the Winston-Salem Dash honored him as the team’s employee of the year.


Global Wage Report in Short: Patrick Belser

The ILO Global Wage Report 2014 warns of stalled wages in many countries and points to the labor market as a driver of inequality. Senior ILO Economist, Patrick Belser explains. (Source: International Labour Organization)


The United States Supreme Court’s Decision on Non-exempt Employee’s Work Day

This past Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, No. 13-433, that clarifies when a non-exempt employee begins and ends the work day – and, therefore, when an employer’s obligation to pay the employee begins and ends.

Jessie Busk and Laurie Castro worked as warehouse employees for Integrity Staffing Solutions (“Integrity Staffing”), a company which provides warehouse staffing to Warehouse employees like Busk and Castro retrieve products from shelves and package those products for delivery to customers. Integrity Staffing, in an effort to prevent employee theft, required its warehouse employees to undergo a security screening before leaving the warehouse each day. At issue was whether employees’ time spent waiting and going through security screenings at the end of a work shift was compensable work time under the FLSA. (Source: JD Supra)



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