About Us

Your Employment, Business, and Litigation Counsel

The Erlich Law Office’s employment, wage, and litigation attorneys offer solutions-oriented, aggressive representation.  We are committed to providing high quality representation with a focus on client satisfaction and efficient, dependable results in all of our practice areas. 

Practice Highlights

We provide a full service approach to employment law.  Our employment practice includes wage claims, discrimination and harassment investigations, severance package reviews, and the negotiation of compensation packages. 

Our civil litigation practice includes contract, consumer, and other litigation based upon the needs of our clients. We both bring and defend civil actions. 

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A Commitment to Fighting Wage Theft

The Erlich Law Office seeks to help individuals collect the wages they have earned through their labor.  Our firm pursues cases under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage laws to ensure that our clients receive the overtime compensation and minimum wages that the law guarantees.

Please contact us if you believe that your employer or former employer might owe you unpaid overtime or minimum wages. 

The firm’s practice is geographically diverse.  The firm’s state litigation practice is focused in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland, primarily serving Virginia in Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Prince William County, and Loudon County, Maryland in Bethesda and Silver Spring, and the District of Columbia.

Whether you need a lawyer to evaluate your pension benefits, evaluate your wage claim, or file a lawsuit, The Erlich Law Office can help you.

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