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Announcing the Newly Redesigned Website And Blog for The Erlich Law Office

New and ImprovedThe Erlich Law Office is very proud to announce the launch of its fully redesigned website.  The site features detailed descriptions of our practice areas, profiles of our attorneys, and other resources, including information about our local counsel services for Virginia Federal and State Courts, a breakdown of the results we have obtained for past clients, and a newly improved and updated contact form.  The website can be found at

The Erlich Law Office is also very proud to announce the creation of our new blog, for which this will be the first entry.  We want this blog to be an accessible and informative resource for anyone who wants to be sure that they’re being treated fairly on the job.

The blog will feature updates and insights into recent developments in employment law in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, as well as federal law.  We will provide updates containing information and reports on the proposal, discussion, debate, and passage of legislation on the federal level and on the state level in Virginia, Maryland, and the District.  Furthermore, the blog will cover judicial decisions and relevant precedent in state and applicable federal courts.  Our goal is to take developments in legislation and jurisprudence and make it easy for you to understand and apply to your own situation. If, after reading one of our blog entries, you feel like you need to speak to an attorney, please contact us.

The blog also will feature tips and FAQs to help you better understand your rights as an employee.  The way statutes and judicial opinions are written, they often require conduct to fall into certain categories or to meet certain criteria to be actionable.  If you believe you have been the target of harassment or discrimination, the people evaluating your case (including agencies like the EEOC and judges should you file suit) will be looking for certain evidence.  We want to make it easier for you to understand how your situation will look to the people who will be evaluating your case, so you can better decide whether legal action is right for you.  If you have specific questions or want to speak with one of our attorneys, please contact us.

Additionally, the blog will feature articles designed to walk you through the various processes of reporting discrimination or harassment in order to help you decide whether you’re ready to move forward.  Whether you are filing before a federal agency such at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a state or local agency such as the Arlington Human Rights Commission, the processes can be convoluted, confusing, and frustrating.  We want to make your decision whether to proceed as clear as possible by helping you know what to expect when and if you start down that path.  If you have specific questions or would just like to speak to someone personally about how the process works, please contact us.

Again, welcome to the newly redesigned website and blog for The Erlich Law Office, PLLC.  We look forward to assisting you.

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