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Fourth of July Link Roundup

For the holiday, here are some links to interesting
articles.  Some of the topics have been
touched on by this blog before, and some are new.  In any event, have a safe and happy holiday
weekend.  Check back next week for more
links and analysis.

With the immigration bill moving to the House, the New York
Times has a look at how a diverse group of stakeholders are working to shepherd
the bill through the Republican-controlled chamber

Next up is a look at how the NLRB, despite its more recent
policy of pursuing social media “in the workplace” issues has backed off of its
stance slightly.
  The NLRB basically
offered the opinion that social media comments that are merely boasting or
griping are unlikely to be protected.

The Supreme Court denied cert to a challenge by American
Airlines to Title VII’s reasonable accommodation requirement

Lastly, Littler Mendelson has a really outstanding analysis
of the recent social media password-protection laws that have been enacted
  This blog has devoted a
number of articles to social media-related developments, and this article does
a great job of thoroughly going through the ramifications of many of the more
comprehensive laws.

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