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Here are a few links to some interesting employment law

articles. I’ve also posted another link to some additional information from the

Department of Labor’s recent guidance regarding how the Family and Medical

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The FMLA Insights blog has an interesting post about FMLA

leave during the holiday season. The post lays out a hypothetical scenario

where an employee requests vacation leave, has the request denied, and then

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As we have seen recently, the intersection of social media

policies and employment law is a growing area of discussion and litigation. The

extent to which employers have access to information employees post to  social media sites is fairly controversial,

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With the use of real-time social media posts becoming

ubiquitous, employees need to be increasingly aware of the possibility that

what they post on Facebook or Twitter may be discoverable in a potential

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With no big news items recently, I wanted to post a roundup of a

couple of interesting developments that have come out this week. One recap looks

at changes on the horizon in Mexican labor law that may help to mobilize the

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