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The FMLA Insights blog has an interesting post about FMLA

leave during the holiday season. The post lays out a hypothetical scenario

where an employee requests vacation leave, has the request denied, and then

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As we have seen recently, the intersection of social media

policies and employment law is a growing area of discussion and litigation. The

extent to which employers have access to information employees post to  social media sites is fairly controversial,

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I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season.

Here are two links to some interesting employment law developments from the

past couple of weeks, along with a little analysis. Check back for a year-in-review

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In Indianapolis, hotel workers recently entered into a settlement

in a lawsuit against national staffing company Hospitality Staffing Solutions

(HSS). The lawsuit alleged the workers hadn’t been fully paid for housekeeping

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I’ve posted links to the first two articles by EEO Legal

Solutions looking at the EEOC’s Fiscal Year 2012 Performance and Accountability

Report. Here, we finish up the series with a look at the final article, which seeks

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A few days ago I posted a short link to an excellent

analysis of the EEOC’s recent Fiscal Year 2012 Performance and Accountability

Report. The first segment of the analysis was highly skeptical of the EEOC’s

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Here are a few links to some interesting stories from the

last week. There are a couple of articles about interesting developments in the

world of pension funds, as well as analysis of a recent Supreme Court oral

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